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The WHO Healthy Cities project is a global movement with networks established in all six WHO regions. It engages local governments in health development through a process of political commitment, institutional change, capacity-building, partnership-based planning and innovative projects. Nearly 100 cities are members of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network as project cities, and 30 national Healthy Cities networks across the WHO European Region have more than 1400 cities and towns as members.

Each five-year phase focuses on core priority themes and is launched with a political declaration and a set of strategic goals. The overarching goal of the current Phase VI (2014–2018) is implementing Health 2020 at the local level.

More information about Healthy Cities: http://www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/environment-and-health/urban-health/activities/healthy-cities

Hungary has been an active member of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network since its formulation in 1987. The City of Pécs joined the network at the beginning and started to create the national network. After four years of networking the Hungarian Association of Healthy Cities was legally established in 1992 with 11 member cities.

In 2014 the Association amended its constitution document to allow Hungarian speaking cities in the Carpathian basin to join the Network. To express this new function the Hungarian National Network changed its name to Hungarian Speaking Association of Healthy Cities.

The Hungarian Speaking Association of Healthy Cities has 21 members in 2018 – 4 are Hungarian speaking cities from the Carpathian basin. The Association has been an accredited member of the European National Healthy Cities Networks in Phase VI as well.

Member cities of the Hungarian Speaking Association of Healthy Cities:
  • Baja
  • Békéscsaba
  • Erdőszentgyörgy
  • Győr (project city since 1994)
  • Gyula
  • Hódmezővásárhely
  • Kaposvár
  • Lendva
  • Nagykanizsa
  • Pécs (project city since 1988)
  • Sopron
  • Székelyudvarhely
  • Székesfehérvár (project city since 2017)
  • Szentendre
  • Szigetszentmiklós
  • Szolnok
  • Szombathely
  • Szováta
  • Zalaegerszeg
  • Zalakaros
  • Zalaszentgrót